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Wild Latin American

An offline Guide of National Parks, Reserves, Historical Sites and
more of all Latin America

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About the App

In Wild Latin America © you will be able to see detailed information of each National Park, Nature Reserves, Sites declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, Mountain huts, Native peoples and Fauna of Latin America.

You just have to download to your phone the country that you want only once and then you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

The countries available for download are: Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba, Paraguay, Panama and Venezuela. Brazil is the last one to complete all the guides of Latin America.

¿Why should I
download it?

If you thinking more reasons to download the app, you have to know the next things:

Works without internet conection

After downloading the content of a country , you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere without connecting to any network.

All the information in one place

No need to waste time searching hundreds of websites for interiorizarte places. Everything you can read from the same place .

Maps of the Parks and the routes of the states

You can choose to download guides each park (with trails or important points) and route maps of each province to better locate you and know where to go.

Unique app
in the market

There is no other like to know in depth information of parks and other sites of natural interest in Latin America...and for FREE


Among the various actions that you can perform in the app, you can:

Google Map & Street view/

You can know the precise location of each site on the map, see the directions of how to get and even feel like you're right there with Street View.


You can see image's gallery of each place, and even upload your photo if you want. Also watch videos within the same application, from documentaries to small fragments of films to know a little more of each park.


You can leave comments on each place, tell us your feelings, questions, suggestions or tips for the next travelers.


Make travel groups to unite people with the same tastes and desire and to make a journey together.

/OFFLINE functionality

Once downloaded you no need internet any more, all the information of that country is installed locally. You can remove the info once you used it and then, you can download it again.

/Opportunity to advertise your venture

If you want people to know your local venture near the park, you can promote yourself witthin the app. Enter here for more information

¿Want to see more before download it?.

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Take a look of the main screens of the app. You'll have a better idea of what you'll be able to see and do it.

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